Every scientific field has its own language and requires specific linguistic research. Therefore scientific translation cannot be confined in ready-made formulas already formulated by translation software, since each research project is new and demands specific attention.    
Being constantly up to date regarding techniques and knowhow, acquiring new knowledge, having the capacity to always doubt one’s own capacities and be able to keep to deadlines are major assets essential for providing services of quality. That is why our clients return year after year.

Accent Europe works with the laboratories of ten universities in France, three Ecoles Centrales, INSA of Lyon, SUPMECA, INSERM, IRSTEA, INRA, IFREMER, CNRS, IFSTTAR, ENTPE and other institutes in fields as diverse as structural mechanics, tribology, vibroacoustics, medical and biological research, ecotoxicologyand the environment (water and hydraulics, hydrometry, hydrology, river morphology and soil erosion), demography, economics, transport economics, chemistry and petrochemicals, education, the sea, agriculture and agronomy, viticulture, civil engineering, computer science, etc.

We establish direct contacts with the authors to ensure that the translation and proofreading services satisfy their expectations.

The human sciences are treated with the same concern for clarity and fidelity. The book on labour economics by Jean Vercherand, “Labour, a heterodox approach” was published in London by Palgrave Macmillan in 2015, while that on demographics under the direction of Véronique Petit and Yves Charbit, “The Theory of Change and Response - New research perspectives on population and development” is awaiting publication by Springer.

Initiatives for the Future of Great Rivers (IFGR) calls on ACCENT EUROPE for its experience in the domain of rivers and territorial development. IFGR groups actors in the management of great rivers around the world and is chaired by Erik Orsenna.