ACCENT EUROPE also works for businesses, local authorities and institutions, placing its experience at their disposal.

Once again, precision, the capacity to communicate, reactivity and quality are the essential components of our response to the needs of large and small businesses.

Whether for the translation of specifications for a photovoltaic power plant, a new medical protocol, a market survey, or a business plan for a start-up specialised in genetic engineering, ACCENT EUROPE can help you to meet your translation needs .

The scope of its experience in economics, transport and other key sectors of society, and in the multidisciplinary nature of future activities, means it maintains a lead over its competitors.

ACCENT EUROPE is more specialised in European languages such as English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese, though a large number of other languages are available on demand. It can count on the talent of excellent translators living and working in their home countries.

We build lasting relationships with large and small companies based on quality regarding both our services and the dialogue generated.


Our activities are multiform, covering the needs of innovative companies, cultural institutions, and multimedia and website developers:
• The translation of highly technical documents in the sectors of renewable energies, lubricants and special fuels, the health industry.
• The translation of corporate communication documents for marketing agencies, public relations and advertising.
• Product localisation: creation and adaptation for the cultures of other countries (communication messages, slogans, songs, etc.), contents for web sites, etc.
• Translation of dialogues and interactive functions for video games.
• Translation of dialogues for films and documentaries.

CREATIVE TRANSLATION Design-editing of messages and documents

Far from translation software and the production of standard messages, we propose a genuinely creative approach. We are able to work in close collaboration with you to write your texts, communication documents, messages and original advertising slogans.